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than two hours and left with a male friend. a short time after leaving that nightclub in northeast, ashley mccrae ends up in a car in the 2700 block of bruce place southeast. in that car, they say she was shot. neighbors heard the gun fire. they call 911. ashley mccrae rushed to the hospital but she died a short time later. what are you going to remember most aut her? >> her smile. that's what is keeping me going. her smile. she has the prettiest smile in the world. >> reporter: so what's the motive here? sources say police are looking into the possibility that so sort of argument led to this case of murder. back to you. >> pat collin, thanks, pat. a candidate for u.s. senate struck by an suv while riding her bike. the crash happened over th
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weekend near prince george's community college. the driver told police she didn't know she had hit anyone. tonight at 5:30, we'll hear from the victim's mother a find out how the motorist didn't know she was dragging the person for several miles. family member say dr. david skoen in good condition and doing better every day. authorities say 50-year-old paul pardus of arlington shothim after the doctor delivered news of his mother's condition. after shooting him, pardus shot a killed his mother before turning the gun on himself. university of maryland community is once again on edge tonight after a sixth armed robbe was reported near the campus. the attacks started in early august. the most recent one happened sunday morning in a parking lot off route 1. egan mcgrath is there with a warning from police. >> reporter: the parking lot is well lit and not exactly off the
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beaten path. but that did not stop the suspects. early sunday morning, police say three men jumped their victim from behind. assaulted him and robbed him in the paing lot of the college park shopping center. the crime is the latest in a string of robberies. there have been six such crimes since august8. >> every time, i'm justshocked and somehow, it hasn't really sunk in to me that this is a reality for us in this community. >> unfortunately not surprising because people have, criminals realize this is where students come through. at night, they may not be completely sober. they're vulnerable. >> students have been put on alert. it is unclear if the crime are connected. all have happened early in the morning and involve several suspects. in some cases, the criminals have been armed. in other cases, the victim have en beaten. the latest victim does not attend the university of maryland buteveral other victims are students. last week, police arrested 19-year-old chor jah in early
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august. they are still looking for two accomplices. despite that, the robberies cotinue. >> they sent out an alert telling the student body of the latest incident. anyone with information should call pince george's police. in college park,egan mcgrath, news4. there is a tempest brewing ithe tea party movement. it surrounds christine o'donnell's comments that she dabbled in witchcraft when she wa in high school. o'donnell's comments were made during a taping of bill maher's politically incorrect show show more than ten years ago. they said she has an obligation to explain these comments. meanwhile a washington advoca group has filed glants the federal election commission that o'donnell misused campaign funds. her camp has denied any
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wrongdoing. will she stayr will she go? that's the big question. the mayoral general electric is still weeks away but speculatio is already swirling. speak would to vin cent gray about it. >> reporte the winner of the democratic nomination for d.c. m mayor can't escape being questioned. foremost among the questions he's asked, what about education? specifically, school chancellor michellerey. >> i'm determined to continue having a fully empowered chancellor to run our schools. the approach to public education. a commit. to involving the stake holders more and making sure we have fiscal responsibilities. >> reporter: rhee -- >> i don't think she should stay on. she fired a lot of teach he's were needed for no reason.
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i dot like her. >> reporter: that that, will she continue to personify change under a gray administration? speculation has been that she wonderful while there are those in government that would like to at least have rhee facilitate a smooth transition, they said ey would li to see her sbleed the administration. >> i want to be sure the philosophy and the movement forward real focuses on teachers and the relatnships to the students and then rewarding the students that do well. i would like to see that move well. and that i believe the chancellor laiddown groundwork. >> reporter: while they haven't had any face to face coersations regarding the future, there have been some communication and more is on the horizon. >> we've already indicated through our respective staff that we're going to meet. i don't know how many conversations we'll have. >> while it is prent for nominee gray to be thinking about these things now, there is still some time before the final decision has to be made. this is one decision that won't be madehastily.
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news4. washington bid a final goodbye to civil rights pine years and scholar ron walters today. family and friends celebrated his funeral. walters was known to millions around the country for his weekly column on race and politics. he spent 25 years at howard university before transferring to the university of maryland in 1996. the d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton spoke at the funeral today and reverend jesse jackson delivered the eulogy. he died septemr 10 after a long battle with lung cancer. residents on the island of bermuda are cleaning up this afternoon from hurricane igor. high winds and waves blasted the isle last night. the storm knocked boats about and do you understand trees and branches. there are power and communications outages and some roads were buffed by the rains. igor is now churning u the atlantic.
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doug kammerer has mor on this. if it is going to impact our weather. >> the only impacts for us, we're seeing itight now. some northeasterlyinds and clear skies as that storm makes its way to the north and east. if you're down toward the beaches, thinking of heading down there, watch out for rip currents. that will be it. that storm is past bermuda and wol its way into the open waters of the atlantic. you can see right now, on saturday sxlit radar. nothing but sunshine today. beautiful weather. that's exactly what we're going to see all night lo. look at that shot. a gorgeous shot. temperatures at 80 degrees. quantico and fredericksburg, around 79 degrees. your good night forecast, 76 degrees at 5:00. 71 by around 7:00. around 11:00, the temperature around 62. then we're going to fall quickly. it will be a very cool morning. i'll show you how cool things
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get tonight and then how hot they get coming up on wednesday in the forecast. some folks who played the powerball in d.c. are cashing in on a computer mistake. lottery official tell news4 it malfunctioned oh the weekend. it was posted at 1, 18, 37, 39, 44, and 14. but they should have been 1, 18, 37, 39, 44, and 13. people who hve already claimed moneyfrom the wrong numbers will have those payments honored. it is unclear how many people that affects but no ticket would have been over $100 in the drawing anyway. >> i think i remember that before i ripped mine up. >> you had 13, right? >> yeah. when weome back, are retailers rebounng from the recession? also, what business owners are doing now that they haven't done in months. arrested outside the white
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house. the secret service is stepping in. find out what these demonstrators are demanding. battle over illegal immigration heads to a maryland mall. taken down by the texans. the redskins were so close. they just couldn't seal the deal. what fans are saying about sunday's big loss.
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words alone aren't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs the spill. i'm iris css. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is to listen and find ways to help. at means working with communities. restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims
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and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund to cover losincomeuntil peod independently-run claims fund can get back to work. and our efforts aren'tcomin. i know people are wondering-- now that the well is capped, is bp gonna meet its commitments? i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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police are looking for the person who killed a devry university student. ashley mccrae was shot. her family said she had just left the nightclub in northeast with a male friend. she was 21 years old. another crime alert for the university of maryland community tonight. police say a man was jumped and rob by three sspects yesterday
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in the parking lot of the college park shopping center. it is the sixth violent robbery to happen near the campus since early august. and d.c. council chair and democratic mayoral nominee vincent gray said he will continue to pursue aggressive education reform. that he may or may not include michelle rhee in his planning. gray said the d.c. school' chancellor has done some good things, but whether she stays in her post under his administration will be contingent upon the conversations he has with her when they meet. >> turning now to t weather, we've had a string of great days. >> my goodness. >> we're getting so spoiled and we're dry. as dry as we can be. >> a little too dry. we would love to see it rain but we still do not have much rain in the forecast. you can't really complain about it when you see weather. it was just gorgeous out there today. look at this. not a cloud in the sky. men of sunshine. bright blue skies. a perfect day to go back to work a monday.
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yeah. but the week was good as well so that's okay. with a little bit of breezy conditions, winds have been upwards of northwest about nine miles an hour. they've been gusting upwards of 15 to 20. even a little higher than that. the current temperature, 80 degrees. the heat index below that numr as a result of the humidity. only 23%. a picture perfect day. temperature right now, frederick maryland at 79 degrees. out toward the eastern shore, salisbury at 78. leonard town, 76. right now around 79 egrees. just beautiful. to the north we're looking at much cooler air. 65 in buffalo. 71 in new york. to the south, very warm air. look at memphis. one hundred degre rightnow. 95 in atlanta. this, the cool air, that's what we're going to see. as the cool air moves in, the warm r will start to move in as well and push itout. thing will get very warm over the next couple of days. there's what's left of igor making its way out of he. a category 1 hurricane. no intest, no problems as far
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as land is concerned. high pressure moving in here. very nice weather here. and a cool night tonight. then as the high flies down to the sth and east, watch what happens. we get a return flow out of the southwest. that will bring in some hot air. very hot for this ti of year. temperature will be 10 to 15 degrees above average with highs into the lower 90s over the next couple of days. this evening, clear. quite pleasant. 63 to 73 degrees. a beautif evening. tomorrow morning, another great morning. send the kids off to school. get out and take the early jog. clear and cool and i like this. veronica put this in here. jack optional. that means for those of that you are tougher, no need for a jacke if you like the jacket, you can wear it tomorrow. sunny and seasonable. can we throw four-day up there? we have to at least get that in. >> it wil get hot one of those days. >> here it come. 82, 92 on wednesday. then 88 on thuday. 93 on friday.
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>> friday! >> not too humid. that's the good news. >> we'll be shedding the jacket. that's for sure. >> yes. it is optional. fans are still reeling from that overtime loss yesterday against houston. oh, my. >> it hurt. it dropped the record to 1-1. john schriffen is live for us in arlingtn. getting an earful about the fallout. john? >> hey, john. >> reporter: this time last week, the redskins fans wereon top of the world after beating the cowboy of course. this week, a little different story. the redskins fans are now left with a bad taste in their mouth for the start of the workweek. >> a time-out taken! >> reporter: redskins fans are still livid about houston calling a time-out just seconds before what looked like the game winning field ghoel overtime. >> i think they need to totally get rid of that rule. the redskins had that game. >> screaming athe tv.
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screaming at the other team. it was ridiculous. my son was screaming. >> reporter: after the time-out, the redskins missed the next kick. >> gano is no good! >> reporter: leaving the door open for houston. >> from 35 yards away. he's got it! >> to slam home a heart beaking loss. >> upset. disappointed. pissed off. i could go on and on. >> but he writes for hogs said most fans who are weighing in today on his blog are keeping thing in perspective. >> it's acally been pretty positive. expectations for 8-18. we played two tough teams early. we won last week. and fans in arlington are starting to believe the team they fell in love with years ago. >> scoring 27 points was a hey point. it shows shanahan can put some moints on the board. >>t was, i had to hold my ears a couple times.
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it was so loud. i like that. people having a good time. >> yesterday was just, i don't know. it was kind of a freak incident. i don't think it will happen again. it had better not happen again. >> reporter: when y think of the biggest redskins fans around, of course you think of the hoggettes. hear how one of the members of that famous crew is handling that crushing defeat. for now in the crystal city sports club. back to you in the studio. >> all right. thanks a lo when a difference that week can make. everybody was on a cloud. >> it was crushing. it was a good game until the fourth quarter. >> and a tough team. we saw that last week. 2:03 left. lindsay will join us later from redskins park. > still ahead, sidelines by injury. why some local athletes may have to sit out a while longer if they suffer a concussion. i'm liz crenshaw.
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why you may not be able tell the difference between enhanced salmon and the real thing. and tired of sitting in traffic and waiting for metro? aew way to get arou
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heads up if you're heading to tyson's corner. crews closed another ramp at leesburg road and dulles pike. the new exit from route 123 will divert traffic from frontage road south of international drive. from there y can access leesburg pike. the new pattern will stay in effect until the end of the year. on two wheel getting around town got a bit easier. starting today you can rent bicycle in the district at arlington.
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>> it is part of the capital bike share program. traceeilkins has more on how this woks. >> reporter: beginning today, a new form transportation norfolk in the washington area who are looking for a quick trip and a little exercise. capital bike share is an expansion o d.c.'s smart bike program with a few differences, including folks to ride over into arlington if they ike. the capital bike share is the largest bikeshare program in the country. it costs $5 million to design and will cost $1.4 million a year to operate. d-dot has developed this to show how would be riders how it works. it is solar powered this time insteadof electric. pricing the sameor smart bike. get a bike whenever you want or 24-hour rentals starting at $5. there are more stations with catal bike share, including some east of the river. bike riders we talk to say it is an interesting form of transportation, but they had some questions. >> if evebody in one community uses them in one place and they
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all end up somewhere else, how do they get back? i'm wonder berg the logistics of it. >> some people are using it. the more people that use it, the more locations there are, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. we see it as the hop around town. not three hours on the canal. we want peel to use the bikes, to their destination, lock it back up. have them available for other people to use so it is more of an alternative to the bus or the metro or to driving yourcar. >> reporter: and that's what the stem is for. to get you from point a to point b. not for all day recollect vagual bi bike, the recreational bike riding. the fees could reallyadd up. >> more than 1,000 bik are available. there are 100 stations across the district. and 14 in arlington and in virginia. >> so you save and you get exercise tame. win-win.
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>> hop on a bike and go where you want to go. it looks like fun. >> we've got a lot more to come. a candidate in the u.s. senate cling to life after being hit by an suv and being dragged for mail. why the driver isn't facing any charge. >> also, lighting up a n debate. doctors warn the popular huka bars may be as harul as smoking a cigarette. how a local running club is he
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a fast forward through headlines. remnants of hurricane igor caused dama on bermuda. trees were damaged and some roads buckled because of the heavy rains and wind. there were no reports of injury. d.c.'s bike sharing program, beginning today riders can rent bikes for short trips around t district and in arlington. it costs $50 for a one-year membership to get a bike whenever you want one. or you can get 24-hour rentals starting at $5.
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> washington football fans say they are very disappointed but they still have high hopes for the team following an overtime loss against houston. the texans beat washington 30-27. some fans say they are focusing on the positives and how washington was able to score pois instead of just focusing on the loss. >> it is just a kick. you make it once, you have to make it again. 80 degree the current temperature out the. we have a beautiful day. men of sunshine. bright blue skies. it will be a nice evening. and really a nice couple of days. we have plenty of sunshine out there. look at this. not many clouds at all in the atmosphere and that will continue to bring in some great weather. it will be little on the cool side. look at these number. frederick, maryland, around 51 degrees. martinsburg, around 43. 48 in waenton. for highs tomorrow, another beautiful day with men of sunshine. highs around that 80-degree mark. upper 70s to lower 80s with 82
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degrees in washington. enjoy the next 24 hours. they'll be great. then a big warm-up in the forecast. one more time cing up a little bit later. make that kick though. >> thanks. our top story this half-hour, a law student is fighting for her life after being struck by an suv. >> police say the woman was riding a bicycle near prince george's community college when an suv hit her. the driver told police, she didn't kw she had hit someone. the victim's mother wants answers. news4's darcy spencer joins us live withthe latest on this case. >> reporter: the victim was riding her bicycle. behind me you'll see prince george's community college. there in the background when she was struck in the early morning darkness. the driver told police she thought she struck an animal so she keptgoing. the victim's mother wants a thorough investigation. >> maryland state police stay driver of this cadillac escalade struck a woman riding a bicycle on route 202 near prince
5:31 pm
george's communi college in largo about 5:30 sun morning them say she didn't know she hit someone until she got home thr mile away in upper marlboro and found the bike still under her suv. >> she didn't realize she had hit a peon. she thought maybe she struck a dog or a deer. she went home. and inspected her vehicle and immediatei report it so she come plitd with the laws. >> reporter: police were initially investigating the crash that critically injured natasha as a hit and run. that change after the suv driver called authorities as soon as she saw the damage. >> we're calling in like i said, our crash team and our investigative units to take a look at and it they'll make a determination a to whether or not the charges have been filed at that time. >> still touch and go. >> reporter: her mother said they are daughter is a third year law school student and a green party candidate for the u.s. senate seat in maryland. pettygrew was training for an iron man competition when she
5:32 pm
was struck. she is clinging to life with massive internal injuries. her mom has a msage for the driver. >> it would have been really great if you had stopped, helped her, talked to her. because i'm sure she was frightened. >> reporter: she also suffered numerous brok bones and the loss of a kidney. her mother is asking for the communities's prayers as she continue to pray that her daughter will pull through. we did try to contact the driver of that cadlac escalade. those attempts were unsuccessful today. darcy spencer, news4. >> thank you. noto the district, a large protest outside the white house this afternoon is wrapped up a secret service official says about 200 people, insome in wheel chairs, gathers to demand better benefits for disabled americans. several of the demonstrators handcuffed themselves to the white house fence. one person was arrested for
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disorderly conduct. in frederick, maryland, the controversy has developedver the sale of t-shir that some say have an offensive anti-immigration message. others say it is freedom of speech. chris gordon is just back from frederick and has the story for us. the frederick county board of supervisors as recently as this smmer consided and rejected a measure to ask the state of maryland to join with arizona. in cracking down on illegal immigrants. now, the immigration controversy centers on artistic expression. specifically t-shirts that sell for $20 a piece. the t-shirts are on display in this store window. they say maryland stands with arizona with the flags of both states. the shirts were designed by james keo, owner of the gallery in the francis scott key mall. but mall management objects and sent a letter telling the store to stop sellg the shirts
5:34 pm
saying sale and display of said goods with derogatory or offensive political messages violates the tenant's agreement to operate in a responsible manner. he says he has previously complained about a neighboring store that sells t-shirts th obscenities on them. but that nothing has ever been done to stop those sales. >> it just hit never wrong way when they called me a racist and inflammatry for what i consider to be this patriotic t-shirt when they sell x-rated material next to my store. >> reporter: he made the t-shirts in part as a show of support for the policy of frederick county sheriff chuck jenkins who working with the federal government, collection the citizenship status of evryone arrested. >> i don't think it is offensive by the fact of saying maryland supports arizona. there is nothing offensive about it. it is a first amendment issue as far as i'm concerned. and if that business owner chooses to sell ose t-shirts, those don't like it don't have to go in h shop.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: they say it may be legal to sell the t-shirts that says maryland stands with arizona but it is insensitive. >> you have the right to sell the t-shirt. it is so polarizing and anybody with common sense should know th right now we should try to look for thing that unite us, not thing will be dividing us. a new develop many this evening. the franc scott key mall says a mistake was made and that the letter telling the tenant to stop selling the t-shirts was sent out in error and doesn't reflect the views the mall's owner. pennsylvania real estate investment trust. which welcomes the diversity of views and encourages tenants to sell goods that meet the demands of shoppers. the mall says it regregts gretzky -- it regrets the error. the t-shirts are still on sale. >> reg sisters are ringing again in georgetown. they are reporting an increase
5:36 pm
in sale after the recession spled stores to close. last year the vacancy rate wa 12% after 39 stores shut down. that includes high end retailers like ann taylor and pottery barn. 26 new stores have since moved in bringing the vancy ra to 5% and new stores are slated to open next year. in news for your health, huka barsre showing up as an alternative to smoking. some people think it is safer because there isn't any nicotine but doctors say that's not true. smoking through a huka has the same dangerous chemicals and there is no evidence the toxins are being filtered through water. the rick for secondhand smoke is so there for people who spend a lot of time in the bars. the centers for disease control is reporting a nationwi increase in whooping cough. there are 500 more cases of the bacteria driven illness this year compared to the same time last year. it impacts the lungs and respiratory tract.
5:37 pm
one doctor at children's national medical center said the increase is due to a lack of vaccinations, or vaccination that's have wrn off. >> over a period of five to ten years, your immunity will wayne and you can still get pertussis. what is most important is that we as adults may have a very mild disease. it may just appear like a norm cold. but you are possibly transmitting that to our very high risk population which is our children under a year of age. >> whooping cough in children can lead to pneumonia, seizure, or even death. the district leaders are taking steps to protect student athletes in the city from the adverse effects of a concussion. councilmember joined with others to introduce a bill known as the athletic concussion protection act of 2010. it would require student athletes to be removed from practice or a game following a suspected concussion, and they wouldn't be allowed back on the field without written clearance from doctor. the long term effects of
5:38 pm
concussions include memory loss, and headaches. when we come back on news4 at 5:00, crucial clues left at the crime scene. why policead no trouble finding one of the men who robbed this restaurant. and two people in turkey make history together. what this odd couple has in common. [ mic throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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obbers in kentucky leave a trillion for cops to follow. a new twist on underwater sports. and the guinness book of world records name the tallest man and the shortest woman in the world. all stories that make you say what? police in electilexington, kent didn't to have look far for the robber suspect.
5:42 pm
he left a trail of coins in his tracks. two men health up a restaurant as the thi man stood outside as a lokout. when they left they dropped coins out of the register. officers followed the trail and found one of the robbers hiding. police are now searching for the other two. a siberian divers club is celebrating the end of their diving season with an unusual competition. take a look. an underwater cyclingnd skiing race. this contest took place close to the shore of a make where the water was just ten feet deep. divers were divided into two team. one was on bikes, another on skis. they look like they were having fun. not being too success envelop either endeavour. the world's tallest man met the shortest woman. th are latest edition to the record books. the 28-year-old man stands at 8'3". he is still growing, folks. the woman is 22 years old and is just under 2.4 feet tall.
5:43 pm
>> let's hope he is just about done. >> heaven help him find clothing. >> imagine that. what's coming up at 6:00? >> the m accused of being the serial stabber in leesburg is back in court and facing new charges. we'll have details on that. we'll show you a boat rescue in croatia where every minute counts. and a maryland teenager made a golden cake with lemon filling you will not believe what it sold for at a bake sale. four figures. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. i would lke to taste that cake. pretty valuable. >> sounds like it must be good. >> must be. up next, critics call them fraen fish. one could end up on your dinner plate soon.
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it was one of those things that the coach can tell yu. whatever it is, you have to make the play. and i thought i hit it out. i look out and they had the ball. >> the collected thought is that in this loss, the team has more good to bui on than bad. donavan mcnabb threw for 426 yards, connectioning with eight different receivers, seven of which had at least one catch. 13 yards or longer. >> the guy that we brought over here. he is one of those guys that has been doing it for years. we had to get them together ill. >> any time you can spread it around. team have to watch everybody. you cannot key in on one or two
5:52 pm
particula receivers. everyone got involved today making some big plays for us. >> the one thing this team has adopted is determination and phillip daniels says the tape they watch of this game will benefit them more than any in recent history. >> they're a good team. you cannot take nothing away we know they had weapons going into this game. no one gave as you chance going into this game. to know we gave it away, that hurts. >> tough to sleep for everyone. we'll go and review the film like we always do. correct our mistakes and get ready for the next one. >> wide receiver joey galloway shares the sentiments that most of his teammates feel. good news for the redskins. trent williams is starng left tackle. t results came back negative so now they have to test him on wednesday to see if he can play. >> that's good news. great of you to point out the rest of the good news. 426 yards, you know? that's a good thing. >> the fact the texans beat them
5:53 pm
in yardage, 427, 426, a hey
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there's that he be a major increase in homelessness since the recession began. in washington there has been a 12% increase since 2007. >> a new program that's designed to get the homeless off the streets. as drawing melvin reports, the approach is unique. >> reporter: it sounds like an early morning support group. >>'m proud to be here. i'm glad to be 100% drug-free today. >> reporter: it looks like a d.c. running club. for the men who used to live on the streets they now run, it is both. >> kind of like, i came her
5:57 pm
looking for a way of life. >> reporter: until a few months ago, he never ran. not without theolice behind me. >> reporter: neither did he. not literally. >> i ran into a brick wall in life. >> repter: he had an off again, on again battle with substance abuse and depression. last march, jenkins finally got tired of losing. i w out here homeless swharks helpless, hopeless. i just wanted to turn my life around. i got tired of living the way i was living. and i didn't want to die out here. >> reporter: he was living in a shelter at the time in one day what he describes as his journey to a clean and sober life, a volunteer with the group called back on my feet stop by. ken started the group three years ago. >> i was living near a homeless shelter and saw the guys outside. we started talking to them. they reminded me of my dad.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: she insist that's running is part of the recovery. not the only part though. if you get up at 5:45, three days a week and run faithfully for about a month, we graduate to the next stage of the program. education andjob training. >> what are some examples of electronic communication? >> they ask me, how would you like going to computer school? i say i'm computer illiterate >> reporter: not anymore. he got comfortable using one. every year they fight back with helping hundred of at risk children learn computer basics. >> whether that is opening up the internet and everything the internet has to offer to someone who has never used the computer before. >> reporter: that was edwar jenkins. now he uses to it look for work. but he hopes a new job won't interfere with his traini. he has a half marathon coming
5:59 pm
up. news4. >> what a great program. >> a great story. good for them. that's it for news4 at 5:00. stay right there. news4 at 6:00 begins now. someone murder ad georgetown worker after a night on the town. >> new questions the future of the school chancellor michelle rhee. >> and it is the time-out that may come back to haunt them. coming up, redskins fans weigh in after a heart breaking ss. we begin a young cyclist clinging to life after she was hit by a driver who kept on going when the bike jamme under her suv. good evening. >> 30-year-old natasha pettygrew is a third year law school who
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TOPIC FREQUENCY Maryland 14, Washington 8, Redskins 6, Arlington 6, Houston 4, Ashley Mccrae 3, Bermuda 3, Leesburg 3, George 2, Michelle Rhee 2, Pnc 2, D.c. 2, Arizona 2, Darcy Spencer 2, Atlantic 2, Trent Williams 1, Smmer Consided 1, Iris Css 1, Dulles Pike 1, Chris Gordon 1
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